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Rob Anselmo, MBA

Vice President

TD Bank




Rob Anselmo, MBA

Bank Human If something matters to humans, it matters to us. Here when you need us› We have the longest hours,* so if you're a little early or a little late, you're still right on time. Open weekends› For a lot of people, weekends are the time to get things done. Since one of those things is often banking, our doors stay open. Every Saturday and Sunday, in almost every town we serve. Unexpected conveniences› Ever wanted to make a deposit while enjoying a lollipop, then keep the pen when you're done? At TD Bank, it's an option. You can even bring your dog. Employees› It's a simple idea. But making Bank HumanTM a reality takes special people. People who go above and beyond for other people. You know...people people. Mobile Banking› Sometimes you just want to do it yourself. That's why there's mobile banking. Deposit a check, transfer funds, pay bills, check your balance. Here when you need us› Banks are all about the numbers. At TD Bank we're all about 24/7, 365. Live Customer Service, that is. Communities› We live and work where our Customers do. And for us, community means much more than sharing a zip code. It's lending a helping hand and donating our time to local causes. And we're happy to do it. Bank Human online› Wherever you are, we're there for you. Especially online. From convenient online banking to our Twitter page, where you can talk to real people. And of course you can do your banking or apply for an account at 3 am if that's your thing. More than 1,200 locations› Whether you have a savings account in Fort Kent, Maine, or business checking in Boca Raton, Florida you can Bank HumanTM at more than 1,200 locations along the east coast. How convenient is that?

Rob Anselmo, MBA
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